ACEPT 2022 Outstanding Clinical Supervisor Award

We are very pleased to announce Miki Koyama, Ph.D.,  Assistant Director for Training at Northeastern Illinois University Student Counseling Services is ACEPT's 2022 Outstanding Clinical Supervisor!

A former president of the ACEPT Executive Committee, Dr. Koyama received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University. Before joining Student Counseling Services at Northeastern Illinois University, she worked at multiple university counseling centers including Butler University, Western Michigan University, and University of Illinois at Chicago. She also volunteered at the Marjorie Kovler Center as a clinician and worked with survivors of torture. Dr. Koyama enjoys working with university students from diverse backgrounds, who present with various clinical concerns. Her areas of interests include multicultural issues, international, immigrant, and undocumented student concerns, acculturation and adjustment, intersectional identities, relational and interpersonal dynamics, LGBTQ concerns, mindfulness, spirituality, and group therapy. Dr. Koyama’s therapeutic approach is gentle yet direct and active. She strives to be authentic and genuine in therapeutic relationships. She incorporates non-Western, alternative perspectives whenever appropriate.

Selection criteria included, but was not limited to following:

  • Supervisor is consistent, available, timely, and attentive to trainee’s needs.
  • Supervisor helps create a safe and brave space allowing for trainee to be vulnerable, open, reflective, and authentic in the learning process.
  • Supervisor is able to give honest, helpful, and constructive feedback clearly, sensitively, and in a timely manner.
  • Trainee has been supported in gaining knowledge and providing competent clinical care, as seen by improvements in clients.
  • Supervisor infuses multiculturalism into the supervision process to help trainee prepare to practice in a multiculturally diverse world.
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