This page is dedicated to internship, job, and research opportunities for students. The listings here are from those who want to advertise their available positions on the site. They have provided the following information and should be contacted as they have described.

Social Responsibility Section Assistant/Mentee - Dr. Bonecutter and Dr. Houston are preparing for the next two years (and beyond) for the activities and direction of the Social Responsibility Section (SRS) of IPA. They are in the process of establishing a list-serve specifically for SRS to foster more dialogue and involvement. They are looking for a graduate student mentee who is interested in the application of psychological and social responsibility issues to work with them. The position would entail about 2 hours per week at $25 per hour ($50 per week) to provide service such as archiving relevant list-serve posts and helping maintain list-serve communication. Communication on tasks would usually be via email and text, phone calls, and meeting over brunch for mentoring. Dr. Bonecutter and Dr. Houston would make themselves available to provide mentoring to the interested graduate student. 

If you are an interested graduate student, please contact Dr. Houston at or Dr. Bonecutter at