CE/CEU Webinar on Friday, December 3rd

Gender Identity is Only Part of It: Working Affirmatively with Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Expansive Clients

Gender identity is an essential part of a person’s identity. With more public support around gender identities, more people are feeling able to explore and recognize the ways a binary gender presentation does not fit with their experience of themselves.

Clients are increasingly more likely to be exploring gender or hold a more expansive view and experience of gender, behavioral health practitioners need to be more knowledgeable about working with Transgender and Non-Binary (TGNB) and Gender Expansive (TGE) clients. Clinicians need to be aware and knowledgeable of the intricacies that exist in working with clients who are gender expansive. As our field continues to move past the assumption that anyone who identifies as TGNB/TGE must see a gender specialist, TGNB/TGE clients are increasing seeking specialists for therapy for issues unrelated to gender.

This presentation looks to increase competence in working with TGNB/TGE clients. We will focus on clinical areas past the introduction phase of gender identity. This training examines the gaps in clinical knowledge needed to work affirmatively in an informed manner with TGNB/TGE clients. Discussion on recognizing bias and transphobia and how to address it will be covered. Finally, clinicians’ roles in supporting access to medical and legal transition will be examined.

Melisa Bailey, Psy.D., Associate Director of Training and Development, BHS Howard Brown Health

Dr. Melisa Bailey is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who works with queer, LGBTQ/TGNB communities. Melisa is currently the Associate Director of Training and Development at Howard Brown Health and oversees our graduate student clinical training program. While at Howard Brown, Melisa helped to create and develop an assessment program for TGNB/TGE clients seeking gender affirming surgery and leads training and consultation in working affirmatively with trans and gender expansive folks.

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