We offer a variety of benefits to our members including:


Being able to participate in all ACEPT-related events, including Practicum Fair, Annual Conference, General meetings, Continuing Education programs at no or little cost.


Participating in an organized and institutionalized process of selecting your trainees by following ACEPT Guidelines. Also having support from ACEPT around this process.


Joining the training community and having opportunities to consult and share concerns and questions with fellow training directors and supervisors.


Having support in your role: no other organization understands the needs and challenges of both Academic Training Directors and Site Training Directors in the Chicagoland area. Our membership is highly engaged and strives to support one another while helping everyone to maintain a high quality training.


Ongoing professional development through Continuing Education programs. Presenters usually discuss a wide range of topics with some focus on training and/or supervision.


Being able to join the annual conference at very low cost. Here, speakers present on training-specific topics which help everyone to improve their training programs. The annual conference also allows for a great deal of social interaction so that people have a chance to know one another.


Having access to our member portal which has a variety of useful information.


Having access to student voices through the Student Executive Board.


Being involved in helping students in a variety of ways.

Membership Pricing

Annual membership fees are due by in October each year.

Any new membership dues paid after June 1st of each year will automatically include membership for the following training year. For example, a new membership paid in June 2023 would include membership for the 2023-2024 training year, and membership would not need to be renewed until October 2024. A new membership prior to June would require membership renewal in October of the same year.

Membership Rates

  • Academic (Graduate School) 100+ ($500)
    • A training program with 100 or more students applying for practicum each year.
  • Academic (Graduate School) 99 ($250)
    • A training program with less than 100 students applying for practicum each year.
  • Clinical Training Program ($100)
    • A practicum site.
  • Individual Member ($50)
    • A person who joins as an individual rather than as part of an academic program or training site.
    • NOTE: this category will not be able to participate in the Practicum Fair as an agency.
If you have any questions regarding dues/payment or if it is necessary for you to pay via check due to agency policies, etc., please contact the ACEPT Treasurer.