CE/CEU Webinar – Friday, May 13th, 2022

"Addressing Differing Identities: An Experiential Exercise in Navigating Cultural Differences"

Differing identities can lead to conflict in interpersonal relationships. Mental health professionals have a professional responsibility to address these conflicts with clients in ways that lead to healthy resolution and increased insight. In addition, mental health professionals also hold this responsibility in supervisory and training relationships, as well as work relationships with colleagues. This presentation will focus on addressing situations where differing identities cause conflict in interpersonal relationships and organizations. Tools to proactively establish a healthy environment for the resolution of cultural ruptures and microaggressions will be presented. Further, empirically supported tools and strategies for responding to differing identities related conflicts will be discussed.

Participants will be offered strategies to implement within their systems to establish a framework that proactively establishes practices to promote inclusivity, cross-identity dialog, and the potential for greater cohesiveness amongst a diverse staff. We will also engage in experiential opportunities to apply the tools to a variety of scenarios and thereby practice the language and emotional involvement necessary for healthy and favorable outcomes of conflict. To conclude, participants will then have opportunities to reflect on and discuss their experience in applying the tools and identify next steps and areas of growth to continue to build their competence in this area.

Presenter Biography: Chandan R. Bhagia, Psy.D.

Chandan R. Bhagia, Psy.D.

Dr. Chandan R. Bhagia (uses he/him/his pronouns) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with extensive clinical, training and teaching experience. He has worked within various medical, university and community mental health settings. Clinically, Dr. Bhagia specializes and is passionate in working with BIPOC populations, medical professionals and college students. In addition to providing therapy, Dr. Bhagia has also acted as a multicultural consultant in different settings, providing specific systems support in instances where minoritized populations have suffered from oppression, marginalization or feel unseen.

Dr. Bhagia also acts as the Chief Executive Officer at Center Focused Therapy. In this role, he finds immense value in providing support, guidance and clinical supervision to emerging clinicians who are also passionate about joining a diverse staff that is committed to social justice and multicultural inclusivity. Personally, Dr. Bhagia enjoys spending time with his family, friends and his dog, Harley.


Presenter Biography: Rebecca Hubbard, Ph.D.

Rebecca Hurd, Ph.D. Dr. Rebecca Hubbard (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and owner of Grounded Wellness, LLC, located on the south side of Chicago. Her personal experiences as a biracial Afro-German woman and scholarship in the areas of racial and ethnic identity, prejudice, and racism inform her clinical and professional work. Much of her graduate training was facilitated in college counseling centers with strong emphasis in multicultural counseling.

Dr. Hubbard has had fortunate opportunities to provide mentorship and training to pre-licensed therapists who also value multicultural counseling and social justice informed clinical work. Further, she provides individual and couples therapy to a diverse and majority BIPOC population. Dr. Hubbard is also a certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor and practices and teaches this African-centered style of yoga in community with other Black-owned community organizations and businesses. In her spare time, Dr. Hubbard enjoys cultivating her personal yoga practice, talking to friends and family across the globe, attending community events, and spending time with her husband.



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