Site Directors Survey on Grad Students with Financial Insecurities

ACEPT has formed the Students with Financial Concerns Committee with the purpose of understanding the financial, medical, mental, and food insecurities of graduate students in our Chicagoland programs. It is our hope that the information collected will be used to better mobilize resources to students and better support their training.

We are asking you to please complete a 10 - 15 minutes survey to answer questions about what you believe or feel to be the financial experience of the students at your training site. We would like to collect as much information as possible so please share this survey to other staff members who also interact with students and their training experience. We appreciate your participation and ask you to complete this survey by August 10, 2022.

Site Directors Supporting Graduate Students with Financial Insecurities 2022

Benefits: While there are no direct benefits to participating in our study, some indirect benefits may be underscoring the financial challenges graduate psychology students experience and helping to best organize resources and support for students experiencing financial challenges.

Risks: While the risks are minimal, one risk may be experiencing minimal emotional discomfort. You are able to refuse any question that may make you feel uncomfortable.

Confidentiality: While the data will be confidential, a summarization of the data collected may be presented and shared with ACEPT Executive Board, Student Financial Concerns Committee, and potentially the wider ACEPT community. This survey will not collect any identifying information, therefore, your answers will be presented anonymously.

You have the right to decline participation in this survey, to not answer any of the questions, and to withdraw at any time without consequence.

ACEPT and the students in training sincerely appreciate your time!

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