Kimberly Briney, Psy.D., RDDP

Dr. Kimberly Briney is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist as well as a Registered Dual Disorder Professional (RDDP) and a Certified Mediator. She earned her Bachelor degree from Loyola University-Chicago and Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Forensics from Argosy University Chicago. Historical career experiences included working in correctional facilities, inpatient psychiatric hospital units and emergency rooms, as well as private practice. Kimberly specializes in correctional mental health and forensics with experience spans every aspect of the correctional mental health continuum at the Federal, State, and County levels, including adult and juvenile populations. Over the years, Kimberly has expertise in several specialty areas and populations in correctional mental health, including co-occurring disorders, trauma-informed/ gender-responsive treatment, sex offender evaluation and treatment, psychopathy, diverse populations, serious mental illness, and continuous quality improvement. Currently, Kimberly is the Wexford Health Sources Statewide Director of Clinical Training. She created the mental health training program used in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Kimberly’s more recent professional interests include:  Training and development, sport and performance consulting, and continuous quality improvement. Kimberly’s career experience has aligned with many ACEPT training focuses, including working with underserved diverse populations, co-occurring disorders, and gender responsive treatment. Kimberly feels it is her duty to share knowledge with students and allow herself to learn from the students as well, as learning is a lifelong process.

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