ACEPT Practicum Notification Day Reminders & Clearinghouse Process

We would like to wish you all good luck with the upcoming Notification Day.

As a reminder, this Friday, March 18th is Pre-Notification Day and sites may engage the pre-notification process starting at 9am and ending at 5pm. The site email templates are available on the ACEPT website and accessible using this link: Site Email Templates

As a reminder, students cannot accept offers on Friday. Notification Day will begin on Monday, March 21st at 9am and end at 4pm. All offers are void at 4pm on Notification Day. The Guidelines documents and flowcharts outlining the process are available as a reference on the ACEPT Website: Practicum Guidelines

A reminder about Clearinghouse:

If a site does not fill all available positions by 4pm on Monday, March 21st, then the site is eligible to participate in Clearinghouse. As a reminder, Clearinghouse does not open/begin until Wednesday, March 23rd at 9am and sites are prohibited from contacting and interviewing students prior to this date and time. A more detailed description of the Clearinghouse process can be found on the ACEPT website: Clearinghouse Process Instructions

At 4 p.m. on Monday, March 21st, any Site with an unfilled position should complete a Clearinghouse form, which is on the ACEPT website and accessible through this link: Clearinghouse Form. Please send the Clearinghouse Form to any Graduate Program you would like to continue to receive Students’ applications from during the Clearinghouse process. Sites are strongly encouraged to provide this information to Graduate Programs by 5pm on Monday, March 21st, so that Graduate Training Directors and Students can best prepare on Tuesday, March 22nd prior to Clearinghouse opening on Wednesday, March 23rd. As a reminder, offers can be made during the Clearinghouse process on a rolling basis and there is no end date to this process. Sites can conduct interviews and make offers until all positions are filled. Once your site does fill any remaining positions, please make sure to notify Graduate Training Directors so that they can provide this updated information to their students.

We wish you all good luck this coming weekend and a successful practicum match!

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