We are pleased to announce awards for Student Poster Presentations shared at the ACEPT Virtual Conference 2022 on Friday, May 13th, 2022! ACEPT invited graduate students in the field of psychology and counseling to develop poster presentations that highlight how social and political forces impact supervision and training, as well as the need for openness to perspectives in supervision. Thank you to all presenters and those who submitted proposals! 

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First Place (tie)
Elizabeth Kaydanovsky and Evan Miller: Health Coaching as an Integrated Intervention Option for Dementia
Rohit Agrawal: Clinical Psychologists Experiences of Stigma in the  Training and Therapeutic Work with Personality Disordered Individuals
Second Place
Cali Joyce,  Phoebe Ka Yin Tse, and Danae Rollet: Multicultural Representation and Diversity Within Neuropsychology Training Programs
Third Place
Danae Rollet, Cali Joyce, and Phoebe Ka Yin Tse: The Movement to Medicate: Recommendations for Psychopharmacological Education and Training
Fourth Place
Alane Anthony: The Effects of a Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum with African American Elementary-Aged Students in a General Education Setting
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